1. I guess this will be for the moms here in the forum...

    I have notice that after I had my daughter I cannot hold my urine...... like sometimes (this is emabarissing but oh well) when either I sneeze or cough to hard urine come out... like honestly .... also I pee like every 2 mins.... my Bf was telling me tht his mom had the same prob and I think she had surgery... also I have hear that this is kinda common, but I really never put much attention to it.... So I guess I was wondering if in fact this is common
  2. do your Kegel exercises:yes:
    Your ligaments and muscles are just not as tight as they were, if it's a teeny bit, it's normal for a while, just do the exercises to strengthen back up.
  3. Thx girls -
  4. Yes, it's common. I have noticed it a bit too. I talked to my doctor at my last checkup and she said to keep doing the kegel exercises so that the muscles "down there" get used to it again and so that they can build themselves up.
  5. isn't giving birth and Mommyhood glamorous!? LOL!
  6. :yahoo:^^^ yes