1. I was out at dinner with this girl and I saw this adorable black and white Chanel bag. I've looked everywhere on this Chanel forum...including the reference guide, but couldn't find it. I did a random picture search on yahoo...and found this picture:

    I know this bag is a fake, and can't remember how close to that it looks...but maybe you can help me identify what bag I'm looking for. I know that it is a bag that is still in stores because she had just recently purchased it from the Chanel Store in the Galleria Mall in Houston, Tx. I also think it was black on white...not white on black which the picture shows.

    Please post back if you have any idea...if you have any pictures of the bag, please post them, and if you know the price of the bag that would be helpful too!!!

    By the way...I LOVE THIS FORUM!! I think it's so funny because my boyfriend is on car forums...I'm on purse forums!

    And just for fun, I wanted to show yall this...



    :heart: Courtney
  2. Don't know anything about the bag you are looking for - but the cake is sweet!!!
  3. I think the bag that you saw was a fake. I love the cake though!
  4. That first bag has a lot going on. Im pretty sure its fake. I love the cake though!
  5. there's not a bag like that in stores now. . . or probably ever.
    Actually, on Harwin I'm sure there's plenty! LOL!

    You know Harwin?

  6. LOL. Harwin. I forgot that you were near Houston Swanky. LOL

    its surprised me to read that.....then i looked at who posted it. LOL:roflmfao:
  7. LOL.. What's Harwin??

  8. its a street in Houston, Texas known for selling all types of knock-off items.....sunglasses, clothes, purses, etc.,

    There are stores and stores that go for blocks and blocks full of the stuff. its really terrible and tacky.......LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Anyone who lives in Houston knows about Harwin. Even if they've never shopped there.....kinda like Canal Street in new York.......I've never been but I've heard about it......LOL
  9. i dont know...i know the bag in the picture i showed was a fake...i even said it was...but her bag was real. i know for a fact that it came from the chanel store. the bags would favor eachother...but not pass off for being the same style...also, the bag she had didn't have side pockets. it was black with white...and i think it was all quilted. above the chanel logo was a little rectangular metal piece that said chanel. it might have had the chains but i can't remember...i guess i'm just going to have to figure out a way to get a hold of her. if i can get a picture i'll post it...
  10. ^that would be very halpful:yes:

    Iluvbags, the girls here would faint if we took them to Harwin!:lol: