1. how do you change the member above the pic on your profile and the posts you post
  2. U cant change posts after about 20 mins..Not sure what u mean.your member name can ONLY be changed by Vlad.
  3. I am not quite sure what you are asking either... but would be happy to help!!
  4. I think buffinator is referring to the actual word "member" that appears underneath the name and above the avatar to the left of each post. I was trying to put a saying or something where mine says "member" for instance.
  5. go into your Control Panel, and go to Profile and change:
    Custom User Title
    This is the title that appears beneath your name on your posts.
  6. What Swanky said!
  7. Thanks for the help.
  8. bump

    Please could someone tell me how you change it to a smiley? :smile:
  9. ^^ I thought only Mods can have smiley there, no?
  10. Correct.
  11. Or Top Gear quotes!
  12. Not sure where to ask this so I am hoping someone reads it here.

    I can't get a pic to post - to use as my avatar! I've tried for hours and used many different sites and pics from my computer and it puts the pic there in My Control Panel, but won't show it on my posts.

    Then when I click on Save again it says "upload failed."

  13. But I can post them fine in the body of my post...
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    Read this post here about posting photos

    Usually an upload fail is due to photos being too big. JPEG Photos for Avatars cannot be larger than 100kb, I believe. Thumbnails cannot be larger than 195kb, you will almost always have to resize them to post as avatars/thumbnails. It explains in the thread above.:tup:
  15. Thanks Ellie Mae!!!