1. Okay, I've noticed that "saggy" and "wrinkled" bags look different than the "stable" and "structured" bags. For example, the Montsouris backpack looks so shiny because of the "wrinkles" at the bottom (I don't know if you know what I mean) because the light reflects from it and stuff. The structure Abbesses and Reporter look a bit dull compared to the backpack because theyre just "flat" at the front, so the shine isnt really visible. IMO, the "saggy" shiny bags look so classy.

    Now, my question... How do I made my structured bags look more wrinkled to give it the "shiny" effect? For example, my Reporter PM or my Abbesses.. Do I need to fill it with more stuff? Or fill it with as less stuff as possible?

    I dont know if you get what I mean, but yeah.. PLS HELP. THANKS. :smile:
  2. Anyone?
  3. Well, I don't have any of those bags, but maybe if you conditioned it with saddle soap or some other conditioner it would make it shinier. My husband used saddle soap on my white mc alma and then buffed it with a soft cloth and it looks shinier than it did when brand new. btw, my SA approved using saddle soap with my lv's.
  4. OMG thanks! It actually worked!!!!
  5. I have had the abesses when I was in college and the less you put in it as far as packed full, but still heavy stuff, the more it will bend in the middle and be droopy,
    That sounds odd but I used to have really heavy grad school books and when they were in the middle of the bag, they made it droop.

    I never noticed a "shiny" versus not either way tho. I also owned the montsouris largest in college and personally hated the bag because the buckle got on my nerves. The messenger was easier to get into.

    Glad you found a solution in saddle soap.