1. So I don't know anything about Coach, and I have never liked Coach (except for the cute lemon coin purse I just bought lol)..... BUT... Someone I know had this really nice looking Coach bag. I looked on the website and didn't see it. It was white leather, kind of large, almost like a hobo shape- not structured at all. It just had one shoulder strap/handle and I think that was braided. It might have also had a tassle or something on it. Sorry for the lack of details, but can anyone tell me what bag that is??? TIA!
  2. Nope... I looked at that one. It was very slouchy. It was sitting on a table and was all kind of collapsed, which is a look that I love. And I do think it had braided handles. Thanks though!
  3. OOoooooo!! yes I think that may be it!!! Thanks so much! And you found it on eBay nonetheless, so I can possibly buy it LOL!
  4. there's a few listed on eBay.... i did a search with coach and ivory under the handbag finder
  5. Aaaaah, the hobo! yes, of course, the braided strap.... They are at the outlets, I saw them Tuesday. Really good price too (I want to say the large were under $150?)
  6. I didn't think of that! LOL Thanks again!
  7. I have this hobo in mahogany and I believe it came in white:


    It's #8A03 it doesn't have a braided strap but it similiar. It's a Soho hobo, btw.
  8. Thanks! That does look similar. Is the leather nice and soft??
  9. Yes, it is very soft and squishy. It was my first all leather bag from Coach. (All my others were signature).

    Here's a "real" pic of it, this one shows the color a bit more true to life. Oh and the underside of the strap is black leather.

  10. I have one like Krispin's in white or actually it may be more of a creamy white. It is squishy, holds a lot and is very comfy. I got it at the outlet last year.
    hobos 005.jpg