1. i am selling 2 coach bags on eBay...both are 100%'s the thing...eBay is now "indexing" anything with a brand name and it takes about 12 hours to list!!! has anyone else had this problem? both of the bags are totally authentic and i have 100% positive feedback...i'm so frustrated!!! i listed them hours ago and was told by eBay live help that it would be another 5 hours until they appear on ebay...
  2. Yes this is standard procedure now. Some can actually take up to 24 hours to appear. Sorry for you but this is how it is now with ebay
  3. Yup ebay has changed! It takes some people even a day to see their auctions! Also if you sell LV they are getting very restricted too.
  4. In a way it is a good thing that they are becoming more strict. Too many ppl are getting scammed w/ fakes. Are their new rules/policies working though?