Question: Would this dress look out of style in a year or two?

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  1. Hi,

    Was looking to get some opinions on this DVF Jeanne Two dress that is a artistic plaid style. Any opinions whether this dress will stand the test of time or would be something that could look out dated in a year or two? Wanted to know before making a purchase for my wife elsewhere as its not a typical classic solid/color pattern like the other DVF dresses. Thanks!

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  2. Wrap dresses are either totally classic or a bit '00s depending on who you speak to. If your wife is a DvF devotee you should be fine (many women have entire DvF wardrobes)
    Personally, I wear what I have already (just a handful of dresses) and just occasionally check out the sales.
    I'm not keen on most of the solid colours because they often seem too 'shiny' and only like very few of the DVF prints but those I do like I love. I really like the print above as I enjoy the muted ones better although you will know your wife's colouring/prefs better than me :cool:
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  3. This is a great dress livefire Plaid is a classic as are DVF wrap dresses. If I were to buy this if expect to get years of wear but it depends on your wife's taste. Dies she like plaid and blue?
  4. I think it depends on your wife's personality. If she's more of a fun fashion lover, then she would love this dress! You could dress it up and down easily.
  5. I think plaid pattern it's will be always not out of date! Wear ot with confident and you will be awsome.
  6. Looks pretty classic to me
  7. This is a classic design that has been around for decades. In fact I have a silk dvf wrap dress from back then and I still wear it. What changes is the WAY we wear it, the shoes, ( have you noticed the chinky boots?) or the bag to keep it fresh and contemporary.
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  8. It depends on her personality and if she likes the color/pattern but if she likes it then I see no reason why it wouldn't last several years.
  9. I think plaid is always in style. I'm also a big believer of the fact that you can wear pretty much anything and look great if you style it right and wear it with confidence.
    I agree with the others, if your wife likes the colour/pattern it should easily last years!
  10. I ended up just showing and asking her for her thoughts in this case. She said she didn't like it very much. She thought it was too close to PJs. haha Well, since then, I found some others that she did like.
  11. I don't think it would look out of style.
    However I personally don't follow trends at all, I just buy what I like & what suits me... xx