QuEsTioN~ White MC ALMA or Epi Ivorie???

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Keep MC white Alma of Trade in for Epi Ivorie speedy?

  1. Keep White MC Alma

  2. Trade in for an Ivorie Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I have the white MC alma, but am seriously considering trading her in for Epi Ivorie....any thoughts? I do not want 2 white based bags, I also have a vanilla soufflot.....thanks in advance:yes:
  2. I like the MC Alma - you already have a white epi soufflot, which is kinda similar to the epi speedy.
  3. I think the Epi Speedy is cuter. It's your bag though, so listen to your heart, lol. :smile:

  4. Thanks for responding...the vanilla looks like this.. It is light butter yellow....Hmmmmm

  5. ^^ My heart is heavy at the moment...I am afraid the MC alma is a little to blingy :confused1:
  6. white MC alma very classy! i love mine to death :smile:
  7. MC Alma! It has some bling to it, but every girl and gal needs something with extra flash!
  8. Yes I say keep the multi color's fun!
  9. Speedy Ivoire!!! :yes: (says somebody that's been in the waiting list for months to get the 25!!! :crybaby:)
  10. Oh, I still prefer your MC Alma :love:
  11. MC alma.

    Its such a gorgeous bag!
  12. Keep MC Alma.
  13. Well I already have the mono speedy 25 so I would say go with the different shape! (Alma's on my wishlist;))

    But the Epi Ivorie is so beautiful ... Hmmm ... What a tough one. Get whichever one best matches your favorite wallet!
  14. I'd say go for the speedy.I'm not a very big fan of the Alma shape...Sorry...
  15. Thanks guys...I am still debating I am afraid. Toughy...