Question~ Which bag is higher quality?


Which bag line is constructed better?

  1. Hayden Harnett

  2. Botkier

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  1. I usually hang out in the LV forum, but I am dissapointed in the selction of grey bags. I have been researching HH and Botkier bags for a few days.

    Which line is better known for its quality?

    The bags seem to be in the same price range, but I have read some threads about HH not being so good?

    Please leave some feedback as I may cancel a havana hobo I ordered.

  2. I would have to say Botkier. I do not have one BUT I have heard that their quality and shape are great.

    Good Luck and hopefully more people will post with some advice!!
  3. Thank you~ me too =)
  4. ^^^I'm the opposite--I don't own any HH! I have lots of Botkier and find them to be of excellent quality. I usually baby my bags, but one of my Botkier is my traveling bag (Sasha duffle) so it definitely doesn't get babied and it still looks fantastic!

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I have one of each, and think the Botkier is far more durable. My HH is a lorca in saddle, and I'm terrified of staining the thing, so hardly ever use it. My Botkier has traveled with me and been in the rain and holds up just fine.
  6. My HH Nico (black) has been thoroughly abused and hasn't had a problem yet. You might have to baby the leather a little bit, though. It's so soft that I'm always afraid of scratches (though mine hasn't picked up any yet). A few other gals have posted about quality issues, though.
  7. I think Botkier bags are of a better quality. They feel great and very well-made!
  8. I have Botkier Trigger satchel that is fabulous quality, and several HH that are equally excellent. I think it depends on the bag -- some of the HHs have very fragile (but silky and smooshy) leather, and I've heard complaints about some Botkiers having cheap-feeling leather and so-so construction. Sorry, I know that wasn't much help! Maybe if you could tell us specifically which bags you're interested in?
  9. I don't have any Botkier, but my 3 HH bags are excellent quality!
  10. I have bags by both manufacturers and I think the quality can be comparable - it really depends on the style of bag because each manufacturer uses different leathers for differing styles.
    I have the Bombay Satchel and the leather on this bag is amazingly beautiful, sturdy, rugged and shows the natural grain of the hide (some find this beautiful, others find it distracting). I have studied/looked at IRL other Botkiers and find that with some styles their leather can be soft, but delicate IMO and have even seen some where the leather/color has faded while on display (at Nordstorms - yikes!). The functionality of Botkiers can be also problematic ( have to undo a fold over clasp & then unzip to get into the purse).
    As for Hayden Harnett, I have two bags. Both different leathers. I find their organization and functionality to be excellent.
    What bags are you interested in.....then those that have the bags can chime in because it really does depend on the style.
    Good luck;)
  11. I've had many of both but since have gotten rid of all my HH bags. The leather is soft and nice but I couldn't find one that was functional for me. I had great hopes for the Mercer satchel but those side pockets were useless with them flapping open all the time.
    Overall I think Botkier uses a better leather. Many of their bags have thick rugged leather (Like the Bombays and Carlton Hobo). They use heavy substantial zippers and strong magnetics. But HH is new and time will tell. Botkier has been around much longer and is more well known.
    It also is odd for a new Company to have their bags on sale for huge discounts on a rather regular basis. You won't find a Botkier discounted until way into the next season perhaps or on eBay. I'm not sure what this says for a company. Certainly it's nice for the Buyer but most savvy people will wait and snag the bags on sale rather than pay full retail when it first comes out.
  12. Thanks everyone for you input! These 2 bag lines are new to me.

    I have purchased both bag lines in a hobo style, that way I can make an educated decision.

    Botkier Bryant~ Grey [​IMG]
    and HH havana Hobo~ Grey

    I am hoping to choose one of these to keep as a grey bag. The grey bug has bitten me! I am also going to go to Saks/Neimans on we shall see:rolleyes:...I am famous for buying sight unseen and the making a decision:push:
  13. I can only comment on Botkier but I have owned 5 of them. Overall I think they are pretty good but have only had one long term (2006 Bianca). I think the Bianca in particular is a great deal for soft leather and suede lining. Also the hardware is really nice.

    The down side I used the bag almost exclusively for about 6 months and it is the one I've had the most issues with. I had the stitching come apart in two areas - the tassels and the handle. Luckily I could easily repair it and you really can't tell. If I wouldn't have caught it when it was early I would probably have lost a tassel and have a broken strap by now. They has never happened with other bags.

    I also had short term a Bella clutch, a stirrup, and two triggers. The stirrup and triggers seem to be a little stronger in that area but I never used them for very long to see how they did long term with heavy use.
  14. Thanks everyone!
    Quick update~ I received the HH hobo and I am just not feelin' it:confused1:...So that one will be returned tomorrow.

    I am still waiting on the botkier. So~ we shall see.

    I do appreciate all the advice and comments regarding these 2 bag lines, as I am completely new to both. :tup:
  15. I got the Botkier Bryant in Grey and LOVE it! The leather is nice and smooshy but it still keeps its shape:tup: I haven't tried HH so thats what I have to go on.