Question - Which Bag For All My New Stuff?

  1. Hi. This is my first post here and somehow I stumbled upon this site last weekend. The results - 5 groom pieces are working their way to me as I write this. Anyway, which bag to finish it all off ? :confused1: I'm 5' 7" about 128 lbs. I was leaning toward the Speedy 25, (think the Speedy 30 might be too big) but also like the Marelle Sac a Dos. I would appreciate any opinions - thanks!:smile:
  2. speedy 25 is a great choice :P
  3. speedy 25 sounds good. are you thinking about getting the monogram one?
  4. Speedy,& the 30 would be fine. The Marelle doesn't hold much, & the straps are a PITBehind!
  5. I'd get the Speedy 30, perhaps in Damier or Damier Azur?

    I just had to say that TACO, your signature is so cute!
  6. Speedy 30!!!
  7. Yeah, I think you are right about the speedy - do you know which was the original "Audrey" speedy - the 30 or the 25?
  8. I have the Speedy in 30, I'm 5'5" and I love it!
  9. i love speedy 25. lol esp the damier one.
  10. I'd go for the Speedy 30 or 35 if I were you.........the Speedy 25 might look small on you, although it looks just right on me, but I'm only 5'1".......
  11. A speedy, but if you prefer something on the shoulder, definitely the popincourt haut ! :yes:
  12. I vote for the Monogram Speedy 25 or 30. I just got my Speedy, and I fell in love lol :love: It has so much room, and love the size of the 25. I found the 30 was too big for me. And the 25 was perfect size for me. I say try both the 25 and 30. :yes:
  13. Word of advice - don't ask tPF-ers - b/c with our suggestions, we'll leave you broke and confused, lol
  14. Yeah, that's why I'm here - and now I AM broke and confused - After I ordered the groom collection - long scarf, agenda, small wallet, round and rectangular key/coin purses! :rolleyes:!!! Darn you all!
  15. LoL :lol: Aww that's soooo cute! :flowers: