Question....when organizing your handbag's contents...

  1. Do you have tips to help keep them organized?

    I really like the way you guys think regarding organizing your handbags:tup: I have been following the thread about what is in everybody's handbag. I can see that many of you are sooooo organized. I am really trying to get my bag in some type of order. Problem is that it stays that way for about a day or so:confused1: I carry alot of work related stuff as well as personal. I also love big totes. But, it seems that I am always fumbling to find things. Makes me so frustrated. I know there has to be a way. Have any of you used pursekets? Do they help?

    Which bag do you find easier to organize? Tote -vs- ergo? Shoulder bags? I am also looking for my next bag and this is an importnt consideration.
    Thanks for your ideas!!!!!
  2. I use my wallet for my cash, credit cards; a wristlet for my ipod, a coin purse for all of my frequent shopper & insurance cards & a large beauty case for my personal stuff, make up etc. That leaves my cell phone & access card for work that I slip into the interior pockets & keys. All the 'pouches' make it easy to switch out bags without forgetting anything & finding stuff is a snap because everything has a 'home'. I've also learned not to carry around crap I don't need!!!

    The easiest bags to manuever in is a tote, satchels are very good to. The absolute worst IMHO is a Hobo. Everything just clumps in the bottom & gets all mixed up.
  3. I use a Purseket & love it! It makes it so much easier to switch between bags.
  4. I really need to get to know these things! I hear great things about them!!!
  5. I like totes. Since they are rectangular shaped, it's easier to organize and fit things in there like a puzzle . Something I noticed that I tend to do is buy wallets/makeupbags/accesory bags that have an ergonomical shape. Wallets and bags like that tend to be easier to organize together into like a jigsaw puzzle in your purse (sorry, i don't know if this is making sense).
  6. IF I'm carrying a big bag I like the Chameleon but for the medium bags everythign is either in a wristlet or my huge ass Framed Legacy Stripe cosmetic case. lol It takes up over half of my space in my Carly but it holds me makeup and a few other things so it does it's part. It can be such a pain with big bags without my wristlets and things!

    Oh and tote make finding things a LOT easier then hobos.
  7. i use a checkbook wallet for my checkbook, credits cards, license, money, etc... then I use the inside pouches for my cell phone and gum, etc... then I have a wristlet that I use and in it I put a little thing of tylenol, extra contacts, chapstick or lipgloss, etc. I LOVE the wristlet because it is bigger than a mini skinny but keeps my things intact and not loose in the bag.. plus if hubby and I ever go somewhere I don't want a big purse, I just pull out my wristlet and throw my money in it and there you go! :tup:
  8. purseket is great.
    Hope these pic's help.. the blue leather bag is a coach handbag I had years ago. it has a med purseket in it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the purseket in the BH is a med and it can easliy use a large, but gives you an idea. the bh is a tad bigger then a gallery tote if that helps.
    IMG_0945.jpg IMG_2115.jpg med purseket in coach.jpg LVixen104.jpg
  9. I wouldn't use a Purseket or anything because that's almost TOO organized for my taste, but I like the way my Ergo Hobo, Sig Stripe Tote and Hamptons Carryall are easy to organize. The stuff doesn't jumble around in those bags so I can carry a few more loose things. My Carly, on the other hand....:rolleyes: I still love her though, haha!

    As far as organizing my stuff...I use a wristlet for my cards/receipts, a coin purse for my cash/change, another wristlet to hold my Tylenol and my boyfriend's Advil. I keep my gum, floss, lip balm and pens in the pockets and then I have a mini lotion, hairbrush, hand sanitizer and HK tin of cough drops floating around loose. Oh, I also kind of let my phone float around loose as well, but it's usually in my coat pocket.
  10. I had been struggling with this too, but I found something that works (for me, at least!). I love large, heavy, purses/totes and I change very often (usually daily). I also have boys who always hand me stuff to carry (gameboys, waterbottles, snacks, etc...). My solution is a PURSE within a PURSE!

    I have a small, very lightweight open-top purse (mine is LeSportsac, but kipling has some cute light ones too). It holds my large open-style wallet (coach!), checkbooks, makeup, pens, tissue, etc. I then just transfer it from bag to bag. I tried the pursket, but it wasn't for me. I can still just stuff things in my 'inside' purse (and it's two outside pockets). Works great for Carly-type bags because I can just pull out the whole little bag, if needed. I also have a small pouch (wristlets work well for this, too) for personal items, medicines, bandaids, etc. Then I have my LV agenda and camera. It's easy to keep organinzed, fits in Ali, Lily sized bags as well as large totes (if I need room for a book and water bottle). Here's a photo of my 'inside' purse and the things in it, plus my little pouch:

    Here's the stuff that goes inside (minus camera!) in front of my medium lily:

    Hope you find something that works for you!
  11. What? Me organize??? MWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAhAH!!!!
  12. Totes are def the easiest to keep organized, especially if you carry around work-related papers and such. My gallery tote is perfect for summer because I'm always throwing magazines and books into into it and it still stays pretty much organized.

    All of my Legacy bags are easy to keep organized too...I think it helps that they are all sort of rectangular in shape, and not rounded.

    WRISTLETS, WRISTLETS, WRISTLETS are the key. They hold EVERYTHING and they are so easy to change from purse to purse.
  13. i just only carry what i need! i keep my wallet for cash and cards, mono clés for change and more cards, wristlet for junk like pills etc, then i just add my keys, phone anything else i need. i leave stuff like my glasses, bandaids, and extra meds at work too
  14. I only wish I could stay organized. Every time I switch bags, it only stays nice and neat for about a day, and then I end up just throwing everything in it. I do however use a wallet for the obvious, and 2 separate wristlets for makeup,lipgloss, lotions, and pens. And then a mini skinny for change... but I end up with so much other junk!!!

    I think it's time for a purseket!
  15. isnt that a great idea. What is this bag called.... ?