Question: When ordering shoes from

  1. you just order your regular size (since CLs are in US sizes) and they will adjust for fit, or do you order up or down on the US size? Does my question make sense? lol TIA!
  2. lol, just order your size you want, like 38 or whatever. Do not pay attention to the size in parentheses. So, if you are a CL 38, order that. That is the shoe that will show up assuming they have it in stock. inventory is out of whack.
  3. Asha, the ones I'm ordering only have the US size listed. So if I'm a US size 8, should I order up to the US size 8.5 (and it will come as size 38.5)?
  4. Oh ok, I know what you mean now sorry. Yes order the 8.5 and a 38.5 will show up. Barney's is dumb. LOL I had a momentary brain lapse.

    Like a 10 is a 40.
  5. What are you getting? :smile:
  6. I am getting the ballerina flats. I've been ordering so many heels, that I think it's time for something a little more casual. =)

    Hey, I got my red patent pumps today...LOVE THEM!!! I also got my nude kid leather simple pumps...also very nice. And tomorrow, I should get the nude patent yoyos. (I saw you have a pair also...are they taller or shorter than the nude prives????)
  7. I'm answering if though I am not Asha--I consider the nude patent Yoyos heel height to be shorter than the Very Prives due to the lack of a platform.
  8. Cool! Cuz the prives are just a little high for me, although I'm still getting a pair. ;)
  9. Even though I have yet to wear the yoyos at length, I think the very prives are more comfortable because of the platform.
  10. ^^^lol lavender

    They are 110 mm and the VPs are 120 mm. Plus like lavender said, the platform makes them seem higher. When I first saw the yoyos in person I was like huh, they seem kinda short. LOL I guess I got used to 120 mm concealed platform shoes.

    PICS please of the other shoes! :smile: Glad they worked out! Was the sizing ok on the rouge and the nude simple pumps?

    I was pleasantly surprised when the 39.5 fit great. I just buy 40s for the most part as my safe size, but it just goes to show you how erratic the sizing is.
  11. Where did you get the nude kid leather simple pumps? Please tell me you can find them somewhere other than sold out of my size long time ago!
  12. Oh okay, makes sense.
  13. I haven't worn any of my nudes yet. I don't know what the heck my problem is. I guess too many shoes, not enough days in the week. LOL I have purchased other non CL shoes too. I know shocking! :smile:

    I agree w/ Lavender that the VPs are probably more comfortable though b/c of the platform.
  14. Asha, I will take pics and post them in a few minutes. The sizing was perfect! The 38.5 in the red fit perfectly. The 38.5 in the nude are a little snug, but will do just fine. Now, I'm just holding my breath, hoping the yoyos in 38.5 will fit too! Oh, Asha, do you have any ballerina flats...probably not, but I wonder how they fit? I'll probably just go with 38.5, seems to be a good size for me in most styles.

    Lav, I did get mine from NAP. But wouldn't Horatio have them? I don't know, I didn't call around for them.
  15. Oh my goodness, you guys, I'm so hooked. I have like 6 pair of CLs on my wishlist! I need to slow it down, but I just can't get enough of them. lmbo!