Question: What is your parttime job for extra cash?

  1. Hello Gals,
    I just wanted to know who is a SAHM in this message forum and wanted see if you have an extra side job to support your spending habbits. For me, I stay at home to take care of 2 daughters (ages 1 & 3).

    For extra spending money, I do Permanent Makeup at an exclusive Spa in my town. I've been doing this for over 6 years and its like a hobby, but I get paid. Its great because I just work about 2 days a week and by appointments only. This also gives me the time to get away from home and enjoy servicing others besides my kids, hehehe.
  2. i'm not a SAHM, but i'm a college student and i sell appliances at Best Buy to support my habit :smile:
  3. I'm a freelance translator. I translate documents from French, Spanish and Russian. I have a full time job & I'm going to grad school, so I use the freelance money for fun stuff like travel and bags!
  4. I used to work various odd jobs back when I was in college. My parents gave me spending money, but of course I wanted more. My part time jobs range from delivering pizza, handing out flyers, waitressing, and at last as a cashier at Safeway supermarket. I wasnt into designer bags at that time, well I was, but not bad like I'm now.

    Now, I am working on my own full time. I have my own biz so the hours are flexible. The earnings from this is what I use to live/save/spend, etc.
  5. What's a SAHM?

    Pre NYC, i was a SA to make extra money to shop... but it backfired because i also shopped at the store i worked at AND my usual stores that i shop at... so i was spending double the money. The discount was GREAT though and so was the commission.
  6. SAHM = stay at home mom
  7. I'm in university right now. So other than my studies, I have a pt job at the bank :smile: I just quit working being a SA in a store, 50% discount was really hurting my new anti-spending rule
  8. I go to school and get paid to go. For extra money I sell on eBay and do language development and neglect assessments of toddlers.
  9. I work about 5 hours a week at Coach to support my LOUIS VUITTON habit:smile: LOL

    Coach is a GREAT company to work coworkers are very sweet:smile:
  10. I'm a working mom whose earnings go toward the "family pot." To support my bag habit, I take freelance writing jobs on the side.
  11. I work full time, and I'm a Senior Escrow Officer/Manager, good salary, great commission plan, but my purse money is my Notary money which brings me in about $1500 and up a month...becoming a Notary (which I had to do for my job) was the BEST thing I ever did.

  12. me too! but finnish/swedish/english in any combination. i could probably add from danish to any of the above to that list but i don't feel quite ready yet.
  13. I'm a full time student and I work part time at a local library. The hours are flexible and I get paid pretty well too.
  14. My day job is TA, but I also do some freelance editing on the side for extra cash. I used to be a part-time SA but I definitely spent more than I made!
  15. I'm a teacher, and I'm starting a weekend job at a high-end shoe store this weekend. I don't know when I'm going to have time to shop now!!
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