Question? What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

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  1. I shall start...I have only admitted this to 2 is:
    Showgirls!... I love the raunchy/hoochi go and get em' attitude. I also love it when she boot kicks his a$$!:nuts:
  2. Oh my GOD! Me, too! I've seen both the R-rated and the NC-17 version.

    I liked the dancing! (I wound up fast forwarding the rape scene in both versions of the movie, though.)

    It's interesting when they showed it on VH1. They either cut out the topless dance scene and only kept the far away shot when Cristal appears, or they show it but they computer generated bikini tops for all the dancers.

    My favorite line:

    Nice dress.
    Thanks! It's a Versase!
  3. ^^^ I totally agree! Il ove~ love to watch this movie! It was funny on VH1 as they used floating tops over the boob scenes:nuts: This movie has the snarl that we would all like to use once in awhile...however we cannot:nuts:
  4. You know, I was trying to find memorable quotes to post here.

    You can tell if a movie has bad writing if you can't find a single line from the movie you'd like to post in the topic!
  5. my guilty pleasure movie :
    two weeks notice & love actually

    my bf would laugh at me when i see these movies, he's into art movies. i'm into art movies too, but a girl need a little fun once in a while, right ? :P
  6. ^^^ do not listen to your boyfriend, Love Actually is a fabulous movies!! One of my all time favorites!
  7. OMG girls i love Showgirls too.I seriously dont get why they always put it on worst movies lists?:confused1:
    I also love,love,love Dirty Dancing!:shame:
  8. thank u :P
  9. seahorseinstripes, i actually know a few guys who enjoyed watching "Love Actually." it's also one of my favorites, but i wouldn't consider this film a "guilty pleasure" of mine.

    i don't see get why your bf would laugh at you for liking these movies? lol... lots of women watch them!
  10. 50 First Dates and Disney movies... far cry from your showgirl movie ladies, but I love Disney movies!!!
  11. That (along with Bad Santa) is my favorite Christmas movie!

  12. For any movie company, giving it an NC-17 is automatically box office suicide. Add bad writing to that, and you get Showgirls!

    (But on the plus side, it's become a cult favorite.)

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show didn't do that well when it first came out, either. (When Meatloaf went to see it with a friend, they were the only two people in the theatre!)

    (Now it's another cult favorite!)
  13. The 1973 musical version of Lost Horizon, with Liv Ullman and an at-that-time all star cast. It is generally conceded to be even worse than Xanadu.
  14. Surely nothing could be worse than Xanadu!!!:nuts:

    Speaking of Olivia-FigNewton John, I admit that whenever Grease is playing on TV I am compelled to watch it.
  15. Also, I will watch Jurrassic Park over and over again.

    Also Mean Girls.