Question - What is this bag?

  1. Hi! I'm new around these parts. I saw a picture of Freja Beha Erichsen (my favorite model) with a brown bag and was wondering if any of you bag experts knew the brand.

    The picture can be found here: (Scroll down - sorry I'm a bit computer inept.).

    I would like to get something similar to for my sister. Any recommendations? Something chic, bit constructed, bit slouchy - nothing too stuffy or fussy.

    I really appreciate any input. Thanks!

  2. [​IMG]
    this photo?
  3. Which photo? The one from the fashion show is a gucci. The one above looks like a gryson olivia possibly.
  4. Yeah - that's the photo. Thanks. I'm not too familiar with gryson. Is that where the little gold symbol on it is from?
  5. It doesn't seem to be gryson - does anyone have an idea what this bag is? please?
  6. That almost looks like the american eagle emblem from the stores or an abercrombie and fitch moose?? OFF SUBJECT- she has a nice size rock on her hand so I doubt its from either one of those stores,but now i will have to search for you!
  7. good eye, its been driving me nuts for about 2hrs trying to find this bag, apparently this must be her fav bag, she is photographed in it alot, ive also learned quite abit about this very pretty 20 yr old model as well, such as she supposedly was together with some other model chick named IRINA who is now hooking up with kate moss' ex pete the yucky doterhy(sic) shes a very gorgeous model, I will say!!
  8. Ok I found it its an older style burberry brown suede hobo
  9. ok say its a burberry brown suede hobo and theres one on eBay
    item #130170755749. its a different color hope it helps.
  10. thanks so much. you guys are amazing.