Question - what is better?

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  1. So I've been slowly migrating from coach, hence my username, and I was in the lv forum for a bit, but I think I'm finally ready for a Chanel. I'm debating between the timeless Woc and the Pst.

    Just wondering on your opinions to see what is better and what is better considering the price as well. I like that he woc you can wear it as a cross body and a clutch but the downside is that you can put anything in it after lol as for the pst it's an open top and very structured. Do you think the pst is a dressier bag?
  2. Hi, welcome to the Chanel forum! ☺️ What were you planning on using your bag for? The WOC and PST are very different in terms of size, as you can tell. I think both can be dressy but it will depend on the function and also what you need to put inside.
  3. +1

    Tell us more about what you have currently and what you are looking for in next bag so we can help you better

  4. I'd spring for the PST first if you're looking for an everyday bag for all your essentials. I have both a half-moon woc and a PST (my only Chanels). I bought the woc first and loved it, still do, but ultimately I wanted a bigger bag and bought the PST months later. I use it day and night!
  5. as your first I would go for the PST! Good luck!
  6. Currently I have a neverfull and a speedy. I want something for everyday. Is the pst heavy in general? I tend to carry light, but I read that the woc can barely put anything else in once the cell phone is in there.
  7. The PST is definitely roomier and more practical if you want to put your daily essentials in there. The bag is structured but not heavy. It's a great first Chanel!
  8. If you're looking for everyday, then the PST is a better choice. A WOC can only has 6 card slots and a small zip compartment, you could fit keys (small set) and a lip gloss, not much else unless. It's not practical for every day use if you carry more than this.
  9. A WoC is literally a wallet on chain, if you need a tote a WoC will not fit the bill. You sound more like a tote girl, I'd try on the PST first.
  10. I think you would get more use out of the pst. I think it's a beautiful bag which looks great during the day but since Chanel is such an elegant brand it will look fine at night too.
  11. If you want a Chanel To go with Speedy and never full, then WOC.

    If you want to leave Speedy and never full home, then PST! But have you tried PST in store?

    If you like the size of never full, then GST is better for you!