Question: What Chanel bag would you purchase first?


Dec 10, 2006
Hi, I am new to this blog and forum. I have loved Chanel bags for a long time. I am 48 and have decided that I am going to get a Chanel bag next year for sure before I am 50! I am trying to research the different ones, I like so many and have started looking at some of the pictures on this site. I am wondering what you Chanel experts would recommend for a first handbag?
Thanks so much!
I would get a classic flap in black caviar leather. The large size (not the jumbo), but it depends on how much room you need because it's not very roomy by most standards.
If you need something bigger I'd get the medallion tote.
i gueesss if i were to get a practical one, as opposed to what i'd REALLY want, it'd be a caviar flap. black and white are gorgeous, but i love coral. not that i have any chanel bags...but i like to pretend. if you really want something special, my dream bag is the lady braid flap in violet. :girlsigh:
Like Amanda said it depends on what style you like, but something classic and netural, like black, seems like a good place to start. I love my black Grand Shopping Tote in large. At $1650.00 it is one of the more "reasonably"
priced Chanel bags. Enjoy the hunt~~~~
A lot of people here will say a classic Flap, but make sure you choose what's right for YOU.
I'm not a Classic Flap kinda gal, but if you are, it'd be the perfect first Chanel!
My first was the Luxe Flap, I'll attach a photo.

I'd suggest the Grand Shopping Tote if you need a bigger more versatile style.
I'll attach a pic of it as well.


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"I'd suggest the Grand Shopping Tote if you need a bigger more versatile style.
I'll attach a pic of it as well."

I love the Grand Shopping Tote! It's so hard now to decide between that and that classic flap, but I think the tote would be more practical for me.
Thanks everyone for all your help and thanks for the pictures too!
I just bought my first Chanel at 44 and got a small dark silver reissue. Just get something you love. It might not be black, even though that is the most practical choice. In your fourties you realize live is short .... have fun:heart: ! !
without question a medium lambskin black classic flap

Less than a week ago, I was very certain the next designer I'd get was a LV, and reading the posts in that forum, I was so sure I'd get a LV Monogram Satin Aumônière before Xmas. But when I chanced upon this Chanel forum, almost the majority have been talking about the 2.55's and reissues, and I was convinced the medium classic flap would be "it", and I was sold!:nuts: And Chanel it is! I couldn't wait any longer and decided "it's time". :graucho: So I went to get it in caviar, but mistakenly took the small version, and got the right size yesterday but in lambskin instead. I am very happy with my choice of label and style, and look forward to getting more in the future. I am now officially obsessed with Chanel! Thanks to u all!! :yes: