Question...wasnt sure where to put this:

  1. I was in Macy's searching for an untouched unloved ALI:tender:, knowing FULL WELL that she is NOT be found....sigh...

    ...anywho...the person I was with purchased a couple of pieces wristlet and a wallet.

    The woman behind the counter told my friend that she needed to register her pieces with Coach. I had to think for a moment...Do they still do that? I hadn't registered a piece since gateway bag in 2000...with the Willis Bag.

    Question: Are we still suppose to register our pieces somewhere?:confused1:
  2. No need to register, but if you want, you can go to and fill out the on-line registration form
  3. I've never registered any of my bags..*L* Oh well.
  4. what are the pros of registering it?
  5. marketing information for Coach :smile:
  6. oooh, where did I just see one in a case??? think....think...... UGH!!! I remember asking when they got it and the SA said it was new......westminster, ca maybe? it was black.

    I think there's also either a whiskey in Lakewood, or Glendale..... "sometimers" sucks!
  7. I bought a bag from Dillards yessterday and she told me I needed to register it with Coach also. She said they got a memo telling them they need to remind customers to register their bags. I never register mine either.:confused1:
  8. i never registered any of my coach bags.