Question w Bubble Quilt

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  1. Hi,

    I have decided to get my first chanel bag starting with Classic Lambskin in Black. But i cant take my eyes off Bubble Quilt flap/bowler too.

    Will it be launched again next yr??

  2. I think there will be Bubbles around....
  3. I have the bubble quilt bowler in burgundy and love it! And while I think a black classic flap is a wardrobe staple, it will certainly always be around:smile:
  4. I agree. Since the black flap is a classic and will always be around, go for the BQ first. It's really a gorgeous bag! I love hipnycmom's burgundy BQ bowler. :drool:
  5. if anyone know bubble quilt bowler in grey is still avaiable??? thx a lot