QUESTION!!! Vernis Black Glace??

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  1. My friend brought a new wallet to school and it was Louis Vuitton. I didn't recognize it at first, but at closer look I *think* it was a Vernis. The only thing is, its not white or red (which I think are the primary Vernis colors) but it was black. Yes, black! And he said it's 'glace' whatever that means. It looked so stunning and elegant!! But I've never seen a black vernis before. Could it have been real? Or is it a fake? Also, it was a Florin style wallet. :confused1:
  2. yes, Glace and Mat are both discoutinued LV line, which also have gold (amber), plum colors too. I love the low glamour sheen of it. Ur friend have some good taste!
  3. But was there really a "Florin" wallet from that line? Its not that I dont believe him when he said it was real, it's just... Why would he start buying now? LOL!
  4. i am not familiar w/that line, but it's possible to obtain from eBay, or pre love lv sites. :p
  5. i would say it's fake, but post it in Authenticate thread, and u should get more professional response. The Lv card in the see through window gave it away.
  6. I know this one is fake, but I'm just saying that thats the kind of wallet my friend Gary had.
    I really wanna know if an authentic one exists, LOL.
  7. Yes, a black Glace men's wallet was produced but the line is now discontinued

    Here's a gorgeous key holder in the Glace line:

    If you have any more questions about the authenticity of certain items or about whether items were produced, you are more than welcome to post in the Authenticate This LV thread or in the Reference Library sub-forum.
Thread Status:
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