Question.. Urgent!!

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  1. I've been offered Natural Sable ostrich birkin.. whats the color shade like.. is it the same as beige-rose??:shrugs:

  2. I don't know, but how exciting!!
  3. Sorry, don't know what it looks like in ostrich but here's one in Fjord from MightyKismet.


  4. sounds gorgeous but be prepared for the handles to become seriously stained over time. just my practical advice
  5. oh my gosh...I bet that is fab. I bets its like a rich buttercream belting leather tan look
  6. but handles can be replaced and ALL ostrich handles darken
  7. How exciting!! :nuts:
  8. Hmm.. The thing is i already have cognac ostrich birkin.. so that looks very similar to my bag..I thought its beige-rose.

    Thank you ladies!!
  9. Really??!! :nuts: I didnt know that!!
  10. Bet it is gorgeous.
  11. HermesJunkie--I'd have to see the colors side by side, but how lovely. :smile: I'd go for it. It sounds stunning. :smile:
  12. ^^ So it is beige-rose! OK Thanks HG!

  13. at a cost to you--just FYI
  14. I think the color really is Natural Sable.