Question... TOILETRY 26 or YSL uptown clutch?

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  1. I know.. I know... Uptown clutch is dressed up formal and.... a proper clutch. Toiletry 26 is... well... multitasking workhorse. If you HAD to choose one, what would it be??
  2. I think it depends what's in your collection and what you want the new item for! Personally, I currently have more casual items so I'd choose the uptown clutch to balance things out and give me a more formal piece to use.
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  3. These hold a very different amount of things. What kind of situations would it be for? TP26 can get heavy if you put too many things in it.
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  4. I love the look of the uptown clutch but I am pulled by casual versatility of the Toiletry 26. Both could work in my wardrobe...
  5. I’m usually not a fan of ysl but I would vote for the ysl clutch. There’s something “Incomplete” about carrying Lv toiletry as a clutch.
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    Uptown pouch! Not a fan of the look of using toiletry pouch as a clutch. The Uptown pouch can fit quite a bit of stuff actually. I was able to fit keys, card holder, phone, lipstick and an envelope(wedding gift) perfect clutch in my opinion and it just looks nice.
  7. Agree with the above messages - I'm not a fan of using the toiletry 26 as a clutch, to me they just look like a toiletry bag.
    If it wasn't an LV monogrammed piece - would you really want to wear your toiletry bag outside?

    That being said - if you want a toiletry bag - my vote definitely goes to LV :P
  8. Tp26❤️
  9. Ha. I bought the TP 26 in 2018 to use a toiletry bag/ clutch. Never used it for either purpose, instead it sat in my closet. So regret this purchase, but figured maybe one dayDon't know why. Perhaps because it is just too big.

    Get the YSL clutch, its purpose is defined.
  10. What do you use it for? Can you show me what you put inside and how does it fit into your lifestyle? Help because I want to use mine too>
  11. I meant to attach this picture i thought i had others in my phone but I couldn’t find it quickly

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  12. I like pouches with a width to it so my vote is for TP26. If Princess Diana could wear one, who is one to argue? :biggrin:
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  13. Omg yessss
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  14. I am in the same situation predicament. I’m seriously thinking about selling it.
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    Pics of her using it? I do believe bags can be multifunctional and used outside of its intended purpose but I just never reach for it and prefer my longchamp toiletry bag. I do have and use the tp19 in my large totes.