question to y'all with make-up bags

  1. what do you use yours for guys & gals (?) :shrugs::choochoo::cutesy:

    p.s. i've got 1, but don't wanna use it for make-up :p
  2. I don't use it for my make-up. I use it for receipts, coupons, business cards, store cards, etc. It is very useful!!!
  3. BAMA! :tup: Good thread!! I don't use mine for makeup either! Got a tide stick, (which comes in very handy...everyday, I'm such a slob) money, cell phone, credit card holder and coin in the main part, then on the outside pocket I have pain killers (advil), and eyeglass cleaners. Then when I have to go in the store, sometimes I'll just grab that and don't have to carry my BIG bbags around! :yes:
  4. Great thread :tup:

    I don't have a make-up but I know for sure that I will get one later on. I saw a mastic last week in Bal-NY and I love its size.

    Can anyone that have the make-up please post pictures? I would love to see them in variation of colors. TIA!:heart:
  5. Me too!! Want to see piccies!!!

    I am soooo craving one, but in a nice bright color :heart:

    Love hearing what you use yours for :yes:
  6. I have a vert gazon one that I use as a clutch for going out.
  7. I just got one. It's an '04 turquoise(the lighter turq) and I've already used it as a clutch when I went out for dinner last night. Now I must have more!
  8. I thought I would use my makeup as my keepall bag (aspirin, antacid, bandaids, *ahem*, Shout Wipes, lint sheets, tweezers, etc.) which makes it easy to switch bags, but unfortunately I have others that I like better for this. I don't think it's that easy to "throw" into my bag. It's a wee bit too big.

    I LOVE using it as a clutch and that's about it. I have used it for just a night at the movies, stuff like that.
  9. [​IMG]
    For bama - I had to be a little sneaky (I'm at work, shhhh)!!! :whistle:
    makeup bag 002.jpg makeup bag 004.jpg makeup bag 005.jpg
  10. This is my cognac makeup, but I must admit to not having used it yet. However my plan was to use it as a clutch for evening wear....

  11. All this makeup talk is making me want one AGAIN! I thought I'd chalked off the idea already, but it seems I'm back on my search for an 06 lilac one again, LOL!
  12. Now I want a Makeup! I wonder if in the future, they will start making them w/ Giant Hardware? :biggrin:

  13. ^^ uh-oh, look what i started (lol!!!)

    p.s. thanks everyone for your great posts!!!
    p.p.s. i'm thinking i'll use mine as a clutch :heart:
    (in case you haven't guessed, she's black :p)
    DSCF9673 REV.jpg DSCF9685 REV.jpg
  14. Booho:huh:! Now I want a clutch too!!! Look what you all started. LoL.
  15. Hi bama, :kiss:I have a cornflower blue makeup bag/clutch that I absolutely adore! Right now it has a bunch of singles (I get singles in the $50 packs and keep them there so I always have singles for tips, etc.) pony tail thingies, bobby pins and MAC lipcreme/gloss. Love your black makeup clutch! :flowers: P.S., miss red says hi, and says anytime that you want her to visit, that she'll fly up to see you, but just for a week or so. :smile: