Question to those who own both Minkoff and Coach bags...

  1. I'm new to the Minkoff brand but have been very interested in it after seeing pics of all your beautiful bags. I own mostly Coach bags and know for a fact how heavy the leather bags can be so I just hope some of you can tell me if the Minkoff bags are as heavy as the Coach leather ones. Thanks!
  2. I own the Whiskey Ali bag and a gray and eggplant MAM. They're both lighter than the Whiskey, but the gray is the lighter of the two MAMs. It depends on the leather you get. For instance, the gray is a very lightweight leather, but some colors, such as elephant, I've heard are much heavier. In all, I'd say RM bags have better leather than Coach, but Coach bags may be better-made and last longer.
  3. Thanks Daniela. I wonder, why do you think Coach will last longer? I notice that the RM bags are more highly priced than the Coach.
  4. I have both! I love them both. I have a Coach leather tote, a Carly and a Slim Carly. I also have a MAM, MA and a matinee.
    There is not a whole lot of difference in weight that I have noticed. Obviously the larger bags are heavier. I agree with daniela127 the leather could make a difference.
    I love the dark grey is not very heavy, and beautiful! the stonewash is great too!
  5. My coach bag has lots of pockets and heavy hardware - i think it was one of the first designs from the legacy collection. My older coach purse is just a bucket style. My MAM is lighter than the legacy purse, but heavier than the bucket. The leather on my MAM (resort collection) is more lightweight and smooshy than the coach leather, and the coach leather feels thicker and more structured, so it is heavier. I think it all really depends on the particular bag.
  6. I just bought an RM and have tons of Coach.

    I find the RM leather a little lighter. It's almost magical.

    I still like Coach, but they are raising their prices so much, you can start to consider other brands for the same price.

    With the 20% off code I used for my RM, it was basically the same price as a Coach I returned.
  7. I was really into Coach before RM. I bought mostly leather pieces from them because I think the siggy is really tacky now especially since everybody and their mother is wearing it. The leather qulaity on the RM is 100x better than that of Coach. RM leather is soft luscious and unique. I feel like Coach's leather is thicker and not as soft. The quality difference is huge. Go with the RM especially since now Coach is raising their prices and decreasing the quality.