Question to those authenticators out there...

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm a newbie here and was wondering how you guys can tell fake LV from real LV? I can spot really bad fakes on know the ones with the plastic on the handles, hangtags, those stupid yellow "authenticity" cards, and really horrible models that haven't been made, but how can you tell just by looking at a few pics of the outside of the bag? I've read a few guides so I know a little bit...but not that much. Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks!:smile:
  2. i don't really authenticate, but a lot of it, i've learned, depending on what line it comes from, is the line up of logos, color, threading, datecode, heatstamp of where it's made, etc.
  3. After looking at LOTS of real and fake LVs, my eyes have been so trained that they know whats real and whats fake.

  4. Plastic on the handles is not always an indication that the bag is fake. All the bags come with plastic on the handles and straps, but the SA's are supposed to remove them at the time of purchase.
  5. Yeah..and there are also a couple of good guides out there to read to further educate yourself about real bags vs. fake ones. One guide I really like, besides is this one:

  6. Yah, that is a very good resource! :smile:
  7. Thanks LVBabydoll....that is a good site, I'll have to bookmark it!
  8. I think that font id is one of the most useful tools too.
  9. There are many useful guides out there - I suggest you go with them and look at lots of auctions.

    I personally do not share, on an open and public forum, how to exactly tell the counterfeits from the authentic - this forum is accessible to ANYONE including counterfeiters who are always looking for ways to make their fakes more real looking.

    If you have an item you are wondering about, I suggest you post it on the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping forum at the top of the LV forum. :yes: