Question To The Aussies! ~

  1. Hey! I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba (somewhere in Canada...nobody knows) and I'm doing a project for my International Marketing class on Matt and Nat, a Montreal vegan accessories company. We are seeing if it's a good idea to introduce these handbags and accessories into Australia. SOooo.. I need your help cuz i know NOTHING about Australia. If some of you can please answer some of these questions, that would help me immensely!
    1. What are the most popular brands for handbags in Australia right now? Are they made with leather?
    2. What are some popular brands not made with leather?
    3. Have you guys heard of Matt and Nat? Are there any stores in Australia that already sells Matt and Nat? If so, is Matt and Nat a major company in Australia right now?
    Thanks so much ladies!!!!!!! =D