Question to Speedy Mini Lin owners

  1. One question ladies, is the speedy coming folded in the box as the mono and damier or not?
  2. I'm totally guessing here, but i don't think so.........
  3. I believe they will stuff it with some sort of cardboard paper..
  4. what material is this mini lin? is it like the ordinary monogram canvass or just like the mini mono line??
  5. Mine was not folded. It was just in the dustbag (I only get a box when I shop elux-I don't want them they take up too much room and I can't bring myself to throw them out!). I am sure it was probably folded during shipping to the store before but you wouldn't be able to tell since it is not leather (well, besides the trim). I hope this helps!?!
  6. How much worse is the sag and is the material really really thin?
  7. The material is pretty thin. It is not like the coated canvas. IMO it sags more but the saggin has never been an issue for me. Here is a picture of mine with stuff in it. I had posted this on another thread just in case anyone wonders if they had seen these PJ's before. LOL

  8. Wow, it is Beautiful! and the capital B was on purpose, lol
    I love your pj's too!
  9. Gorgeous! What a great bag - it obviously goes with any outfit :lol:

    Quick question since I can't see it IRL - is the background a rich cocoa brown or black? It's such a deep rich color I just can't tell!
  10. hehe...CUTE PJS and CUTE SPEEDY syntagma!!
  11. It is a dark brown- not black!
  12. This is a good question. I wonder what the stores will be doing in terms of folding the bag or not?

    Syntagma, bag looks great!
  13. Thank you for the answer Syntagma!!
    love your PJ'S too :heart:3333
  14. The material is much thinner...uncoated. When just holding it empty it holds its shape very well. My SA said it shouldn't sag anymore than a regular canvas speedy...but I'm not sure.
    The colors are gorgeous on it......but I wish they'd treat it!
  15. the bag looks great :smile: