Question to SA's about a style

  1. I've been looking for a black leather Hamptons Medium carryall, style 11199. It no longer shows up on the drilldown. I lust for this bag but it seems to be gone from the outlets (at least, mine and the next closest one doesn't have it). I would very much appreciate if any SA's out there could tell me if this style is gone forever or if there are outlets that might still have it?

    I have found a few on eBay but I am terrified of the typical "eBay Experience" (I probably spend too much time in the eBay forum :wtf:). So that is my last resort if I can't find it elsewhere.
  2. I saw it at outlets 2 weeks ago..
  3. Lizabet~ which forum do you go to on Ebay? Im always in the Misc board.
  4. I think there will be something similar when the madelines come out.
  5. I just picked one up in Gilory,CA outlet on the 22nd. They have black, tan, white and tan, and the one I picked up is pear green. I really love the color and the style. Give them a call (408) 846-8255.
  6. Thanks ladies, I found it and wrangled a way to pay for it and it should be shipping soon!

    I appreciate all your help!