Question to owners of bags with "fun colors"

  1. I am a bit of a "boring" person when it comes to bags. I just realized i regularly carry either a black or brown in the fall/winter and then a white or camel in the spring/summer. But I really love fun colors and lately I have been leaning towards lilac/purple or green and own these colors in sandals but not in bags. To those who have bags in fun colors, do you get a lot of use from these bags? I don't like changing bags often and just wonder if I'd be able to use such bags on a daily basis. I am SAHM and dress casually most of the time. Would love to hear your opinions on this. Thanks!
  2. I usually carry more neutral bags as well. I think if you want a colorful bag to use on a daily basis, think of one that goes with the main colors of you clothing (for me, as a stay at home mom, Im in jeans and tees all the time lol). I also will spend more money on a bag that is black,brown, wine etc b/c I know I will use it longer. For fun colors I try and buy something less expensive (although I did preorder the RM MAM in tangerine...ouch! lol). In one of the magazines I just read, they had some cute and not too pricey colorful bags by Nine West, Big Buddha and some other could look at for some ideas too
  3. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. I have recently only bought colored bags. Come to think of it, I don't even have a dark brown bag anymore.
    I love the bright pop of color. You will be surprised how a bright purple, yellow, blue or orange bag will go with quite a few colors.
  5. I used to be just like you, except even worse, just black! I have 3 kids and usually dress very casual so I needed to wake up my image a bit, colrful handbags. I love seafoam, pink, orange and blue now. I change my bag often and just grab the bag that grabs me! I get so many compliments on my bags b/c now they get noticed. I still have black and brown, but I will wear a red bag in winter or a deep orange color.

    Go for it!
  6. I used to only wear black bags too! I live in Seattle where we are in coats or jackets much of the year. I realized that if I kept my coat to a neutral black or brown I could really spice up my handbags. A bright bag looks so fun and is a great pop of color against a black coat. I've also noticed that my yellow and rust color bags seem to go with everything. So, something like the tangerine RM might be a good venture out into the world of colorful bags.:smile:
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  7. I think a colorful bag does a lot to make you look more dressed up, even if you're just wearing jeans and a tee. It automatically makes a blah outfit bright and fun.
  8. How about a metalic or silver or gold? Take a walk on the wild side....
  9. I have a turqouise Marc Jacobs and the color is TDF. I didn't realize how much it would actually go with. It is much more neutral than I thought and the color really pops.
  10. I have been wearing my Banana Republic Oversized Greenwich Hobo in Henna everyday since it arrived. I wear it with every color top and bottom and I :heart: it! Go for it - some color makes you feel special.

  11. Once you take the first step, you'll realize how easy it really is to wear a colorful bag. It's not as limiting as you probably feel it will be. It adds a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.
  12. I too usually stick with neutral-colored bags. I own several brown and black bags, and I definitely feel like it gets boring... that's why I purchased a cute pale yellow bag last summer. I've actually found that it goes well with a lot of other colors-- brown, black, grey, purple, pink, navy blue, etc.-- so I think that bags with "fun colors" are totally doable!
  13. Wow, all your comments got me excited to really start looking for a colorful bag. I was planning to wait till spring but I think winter is as good a time as any to add some color into my life!
  14. I love your bag!
  15. I've always been drawn to bright/strong bag colors and only have one black and one brown bag, everything else is a fun color. I think red and yellow are very versatile to start with, then add in green, blue, pink, etc.