Question to Mulberry girls in Oslo

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  1. Is the Mulberry store in Oslo, worth a visit during their sale? Meaning, how much do they usually cut down, 30% or more? And is there lots of stocks on sale?
    I do live on the west coast of Norway, and the shop that sell Mulberry here (Stavanger), never put their bags on sale :tdown:
  2. Hm, I don't really know how much they will reduce the price with... Haven't asked about that and didn't check their last sales, stupidly enough (but bought two bags in December, and thought I had spent enough.. Wasn't on TPF then:P)

    What bag(s) are you after?
  3. I know they have the crimson bays is diff sizes - have been drooling over them.. and they had the leopard bays and a straw bays, and lipstick roxy ++ - guess those are going in the sales at least. The sale starts August 15.

    BTW, there are other stores that sell Mulberry in Oslo as well - Ferner Jacobsen and For women for instance, and think they cut the price on their bags. (Well, I know that For women does, cause I bought my mirror metallic dark bronze bays there at 50% off.)
  4. Not sure, depend what I get next week. But I could do with a "glam" clutch!

    Ferner Jacobsen, used to be my favourite shop when I worked in Oslo, long time ago :smile:
    The other store I have never heard about ?

    Thanks for the info anyway!
  5. For women is located at Skøyen, in Karenslyst Allé.

    Glam clutch, well think they had snakeskin clutch at the Mulberry store. They have the champagne bays in different sizes as well (at least had). Can't remember if they had the clutch..
  6. I haven't been there lately...but in January there were reductions mostly around 30% on selected bags - and up to 50% on accessories like small purses, wallets and so on.
    "For women" has a branch located at CC Vest as well, and there is a store called "Mariannes" at Sandvika Storsenter.