Question to Marc Jacobs Experts!

  1. I've seen bags with that same pattern but in a hobo style at the Neiman Marcus Last Call stores near me. I believe they were priced at around $200. I haven't seen this particular satchel style though. Hope this helps!
  2. Which store is that, I wanna call them!

  3. It was either the San Marcos, TX location or the Austin, Tx location. I went to both on the same day about 3 weeks ago so I can't remember which one it was.
  4. I just called and they are all out of them! What luck!!!

    If you go again and see them please hold one and PM me.....

  5. Oh no! So sorry! It's definitely a gorgeous shade of golden yellow. I go to those stores regularly so I'll keep an eye out for you. :yes:
  6. thanks.....
  7. damn I missed t!
  8. I just found one...thanks for the help!