Question to Lindy Owners!!

  1. So i got myself a turquoise Lindy few months ago and i just love it!! However, i've been drooling over Mrssparkles Etoupe Lindy and over the Etoupe color in general!!:heart:

    So my question is ladies.. Do you think Lindy bag is a style that you would buy several colors of?? We all keep buying Birkins in different colors and same goes for Kelly.. so what about Lindy?? Is it one bag per collection or its here to stay for a lifetime as birkin/kelly??
  2. i was on the list and offered one...........but i didnt buy it. it was a little too much straps and flaps for me. if you love it though that should say everything. everyone has different features that make or break a bag for them............
  3. To my eyes, it looks very different in darks/neutrals vs. brights. It really suited me when I tried it on. I would probably buy it in more than one color. I think it changes enough visually that I wouldn't find it too repetitive.
  4. Hermes Junkie, I think etoupe in Lindy is just great. If money is no object, get it. I don't see why you can't have more than one Lindy, Garden Party, etc

    But if you're half-hearted about it, then I suggest you get etoupe in chevre. It's TDF.
  5. I agree with Mrssparkles. If you love it, and it works for you, then buy it. I've seen in in etoupe and it is a different look.
  6. There are very few bag styles that I would repeat (a Birkin is for sure, the Chanel reissue or jumbo flap). I would love to have a Lindy but think that I personally would stop with one.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't go overboard until it's determined how well they really wear (all of those folds and corners), however having one in a fun color (like your turquoise) and a neutral (like etoupe) seems very reasonable and practical!
  8. ITA!! Btw, Etoupe looks divine in Clemence as well. In fact, I think that's the chosen combo for the Lindy print ads. Yummy!!!
  9. Also saw an etoupe and linen combo recently. I think it is a great color for the summer. I didn't think I would love etoupe till I was offered a birkin in swift and then there's no turning back...

    Now, would I buy another one as a sister to my rouge garance clemance? Sure, I would except that I've been going overboard lately with my bag purchases!!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Better lie low for a little bit - even my SA told me to pace myself!!!
  10. Hermes Junkie.. i'd love to see you model your Lindy!
    I don't own one but I think if I ever purchased one, I'd get a classic Hermes color.
  11. :yes: :yes: But, with that said, if money is no issue, I would love a very bright coloured Lindy and a very neutral one since the colour totally changes the look.
  12. i have a gold lindy and would get it in black swift, orange and brighton blue if i could.
  13. :smile:
    Hermes Junkie, I feel you gave a great answer to your question....:yes: and if you've been enjoying/loving your Lindy for a few months why not adopt another?

    I have an etoupe bag in swift and feel the color/skin is unbeatable. You already have the turquoise Lindy, why not a more neutral ( etoupe!) next??

    What do you think???:idea: