Question to Legacy Bag owners...

  1. I just started carrying my Legacy siggie shoulder bag and have been planning to use it daily as I don't really like changing bags often, maybe weekly is okay. I didn't put much inside it, just my regular stuff (small wallet, checkbook, cell phone and miscellaneous items that are really lightweight). But towards the end of the day, I feel it getting a little heavy on my shoulders. For those who regularly use a Legacy bag, how do you deal with the weight? I really love this bag and would hate to just use it on certain occasions.
  2. To be honest, the weight doesn't really bother me. I'm sure if I were out all day with it on my shoulder that it would eventually bother me.
    Mine is the whiskey shoulder bag and it's my go to bag b/c I usually wear brown shoes, belt.
  3. That's why I didn't get a Legacy bag. I love the styling, but they are just too heavy!
  4. I have the Ali, which is a heavier bag, and it does tend to wear on me during the day. I even had my chiropractor pick it up and move it out of the way and quip, 'Well, you keep carrying this thing and it'll keep me in business!' It's the only heavy bag I'm willing to carry (the legacy line, that is).... I confess that I can't carry it every day, back just can't take it!
  5. I have the '06 shoulder bag and it does weigh a lot!! It just looks so awesome, I endure the weight!
  6. I have the brown siggy and it does weigh a lot but I'll sacrifice it because I LOVE IT!!! I get a lot of compliments on it. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!!
  7. I just switched to my chocolate sig Leigh tonight and I can tell just from wearing it around the house that it is going to be heavy - especially coming from the belted ergo that was oh so lightweight. Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion!! I just adore the legacy bags. This is my first, and I'm getting a leather shoulder bag for Christmas, and I'm sure next year another one will come along...
  8. I guess I'll have to bring the Pilates machine out and put it to use so I can strengthen my shoulders and arms;)I am just so in love with this bag! :heart:
  9. Almost all my bags are heavy except for my Ergos. I work out every day and strength train my abdomen, upper and lower body to be able to carry all of my Legacy Bags. I am not bothered by the weight, I am used to it and feel that I am carrying a substantial bag.
  10. ^ Haha. I like how you work out so you can carry your bags!!

    I also work out, but I have to agree the Legacy bags are heavy!! The rose Legacy flap is small, so it's not heavy and I can wear it all day... but my white Ali gets heavy after a while, so I switch off from wearing it on my shoulder to wearing it in the crook of my arm and back.

  11. I have 2 legacy shoulder bags and they are a little heavy but it really doesnt bother me too much. I love them! Citron is my favorite at the moment!
  12. Okay, I have got to leave this forum now to work out:sweatdrop:
  13. :roflmfao:

    I carry Ali's, I like the "heft" of the bag, I think it helps keep it on the shoulder better and it feels good! What really adds to the weight overall is the "leather" wallet, leather wristlet, leather agenda . . . actually that is a "workout!"
  14. Hahaha. That's true!! If your bag weighs a lot, you could do alternating shrugs with your bag as shoulder exercises!! Hahaha. Or carry two bags of the same weight so you could do shrugs!! *lol*
  15. This reminds me of the time I had the denim cotton shoulder bag! Omg it was soo pretty and everything but after couple hours of it on my shoulder.. Wow.. it was heavyyy! xD Sad I had to return it.. but alas.. I think I want another legacy shoulder! But the brown sig one.. ^^;