Question to Insolite owners


Dec 10, 2006
I just purchased Insolite wallet at the boutique and noticed that it has kind of "sticky " feel to it.
I began to think that it could have been a display model or return even though SA brought it from the stock. I really do not like that sticky feel on the leather as if it was already used a while. could this be due to a glue that was used on the wallet or ...?? How your wallet feel like?


Nov 21, 2007
The wallet shouldn't feel sticky since it's brand new. My wallet didn't feel sticky. I noticed that the glaze on the trim was uneven and their was a seperation from the trim on mine. I sent it back to since it was defective. I am going to have to go in person to pick another one out. You should go back and see what they can do to get the problem solved.


Nov 18, 2006
I had issues with my first Insolite too.. The leather had a strange tacky feel to it.. not exactly sticky like goo, but like a piece of tape that has been stuck and re-stuck.

I exchanged it for another one, which ended up having a stitching flaw.. I brought that one back too and the only one my store had left had a scratch on it.. So I said to hell with the Insolite wallet and wait listed for both the Chrome and Bronze Suhali Zippy wallets..