Question to GGH owners....

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  1. Maybe this is a stupid question and I don't get out enough but, do you wear ONLY gold jewelry with your GGH bags? DH says I shouldn't wear my silver jewelry w/GGH or vice versa...opinions???
  2. I have to agree with your DH. I personally do not like the gold and silver combo. I don't think you necessarily have to wear gold jewelry or gold-colored jewelry, but perhaps jewelry made from other materials (eg, glass beads, gems or gem-like material) and in colors that complements your outfit and your overall look.
  3. No way Christy! I mix and match all types of jewelery with my black ggh pt. Imo wearing all gold is a bit too bling bling but after all personal taste!
  4. I don't match my bags hardware with the jewelry I'm wearing. I only wear white metal for jewelry, but I have no problem wearing my GGH bags with it.
  5. This is a common question!
    I am a diehard matchy/matchy jewelery person, so I only wear gold jewelery with GGH and Silver jewelery with GSH. BUT I am probably in the minority!
    Nowadays, it is very fashionable to mix and match gold and silver, I just have not been able to do it so far..
  6. C dollface! I think the days of matching metals is long gone. ((I secretly lust for a two tone wedding set)) :smile: Wear what ever the heck you want!

    PS. Long time no talk. :biggrin:
  7. Les, I bet you could! You are quite a hot momma and could pull it off easily!
  8. hey you!!!:nuts: I know, I miss you! I hope you're well, and thanks for your opinion! xo
  9. I miss my bbag friends too! I've been CRAZY busy with classes. I actually was just reviewing a neuropsychological assessment and I had to take a break before I poked my eyes out.
  10. I'm just like you! Maybe it's the anal retentive side of me. :smile: It drives me crazy when my bag HW doesn't match the metal of my jewelry though I admire others who seem to pull it off so well.
  11. Nope, I never matchy match my jewelry to my hardware. Hopefully it doesn't look too silly on me because I love gold hardware yet usually wear white gold jewelry.
  12. Nope. I just used my GGH bag and I had on a stack of silver and white gold bracelets.
  13. i would wear a gold necklace when wearing my ggh bag.
  14. Hey Christymarie,
    Well, my wedding and engagemant rings are white gold so when i wear my GGH bags they stay on obviously.
    But I do have a Cartier Santos watch that is like 20 years old and the screws in the stainless steel are gold, so i wear that a lot now to blend together the different metals.
    In my head this works for me!
    This way i can wear gold sandals and yellow gold earing if i am wearing GGH, all thanks to the watch that has both metals.
  15. i usually carry gold earrings(gas or tarina tarantino) or funny tarina tarantino lucite earrings with ggh ..with silver i usually wear both tarina tarantino and silver earrings/bracelets...