Question to city owner

  1. Is the sides of your city bag turned to be like this (look at the pics) when you purchase it?
    I really love the style of the city, except the side part of it where the seams ended, there's a extra leather that's kind of wear off. I'm afraid that after years it's going to fall-apart... My first & shrugs style don;t have this kind of problem...
  2. hmmm, interesting... my black city doesn't have this problem.... are you able to take it back from where you got it from to ask them if you could swap it???? when did you notice this problem??? :cry:
  3. You mean it frayes a little bit on the edges? Yes it does, apparently the "paint" that hold the edges are too thin to hold it forever. Don't worry though, it'll be ok. If it bothers you, somebody posted about very lightly using a clear nail polish on the edges and hold it down for a few seconds. It'll "glue" the frayed edge together. Make sure you only use a tiny bit...
  4. Hatikuh, I don't think there's a paint in the left & right edge of the bag, though...
    Yes, I mean it frayes a bit in those edges.. it's not so obvious.. but I'm just curious how other city bag have same kind of problem...
  5. cutiekiara, it's ironic you mention this issue, I was wondering myself.
    I just got a work and it has the same thing. Only along the sides does it not have the glue holding the edge of the leather together.
    The rest of the bags edges have the glue holding the seam together for a clean finished look.....hmmmm.

    The only explanation I could think of was, maybe because the city and work styles are supposed to be slouchy the glue might make the sides too stiff which would inhibit the slouchiness. I don't know.
    I was thinking there has to be a reason, because yes mine in some areas looks like the edge of the tassells. Spongy...

    As a matter of fact, I bought a first that should have glue on all edges, but has what I consider to be a defect about a one inch section right on the front where the edge glue came off or something. I am going to find me another because it's all I notice when I look at it. It's a shame because the leather is perfect on this bag.

    Ok, that was my 4 cents, what do you think?
  6. the seams on my cornflower are the exact same...the leather is longer and past the stitching and therefore it sort of curls up.
  7. I'm relieve now... I'm not the only one who has this problem... I guess just because I didn't buy this bag from store, so that I'm a bit paranoid about it... Thanks guys for the explanations...Bella Fiore, what color of work Bbag do you have?
  8. ^^I have a magenta.:yes: I :heart: it.
  9. cutiekiara, parts of the leather on the edges does that... just kind of curls and frays, but it doesn't really bother me. i don't think it will come apart though. so don't worry.:noworry:
  10. Is it a 2005 by chance? Alot of us with 2005's have had this problem with our cities.
  11. ^mine is 2006... I think the curl leather doesn't make the bag look like an expensive bag. I just recently have(like) bbag & used to have LV bags.. to be honest, I like the LV quality, they neatly made the bag. that's why I'm just wondering about the bbag quality when I got my med city bag & saw this curl leather on the edges...Thankfully other style such as the first & shrugs style that I have don't have this problem...
  12. My City bags are like that too. It bothered me at first, because I don't like the "unfinished" look, and I worried that edge might get to look sloppy.

    I haven't had any problems with those edges, though. I hope you don't either!
  13. ooo I love magenta .. It's TDF.... I wish they still have one in store....:cry: