question to Canada Niagara falls coach outlet lovers

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  1. I just got a Madison julianne op art in Khaki($378 +30%+20%) from the fashion outlet near Buffalo NY, but I am on the client tracker list at Canada Niagara Falls for the colours brown and the black.

    So I am currently holding on to the khaki colour hoping the canada outlet will call me so i can exchange it for a brown or black!
    but I was just wondering if they already had carried them before at the canadian outlet? if they did I would think that they wouldn't come out again?(or maybe I am wrong) should I just use my khaki coloured julianne?

    What are your opinions on my dilemma?
    ...please help :smile:
  2. I was at the falls on Friday night, they had a table for the Madison line (mind you the table was almost empty). They had 2 brown ones but they were both scooped up by women in the store before I could get my hands on them. I think they have just started to get the leather juliiannes in. Your best bet would be to be a bag stalker and call them every day. Have the style number not just the name. They get the shipments in the morning and start unpacking when they get them. I think you will have to be pro active with this and call everyday for the next week or so. I wouldn't rely on the client tracker list, I imagine they are to busy to actualy use it (I am just guessing this).
    Good luck on your hunt!
  3. by any chance did you check how much they were?
  4. I've been to that outlet 3 times this month and once in Decemeber and the only Juilanne I've ever seen there was one black leather one that was full price (I think it might've been a return?). Pellkell and I happened to be at the outlet at the same time on Friday but I didn't see any Juliannes at all (or anyone in the store holding one). There were two copper Claires on the table with some other Madisons though. So I think she might've mistaken it for the Claire? (pellkell, please correct me if I'm wrong).

    Personally, I wouldn't hold my breath for Lundy's Lane getting more Juliannes. I think it's really hit or miss though. You might luck out and be able to find the ones you're looking for, but honestly, I wouldn't rely on it.
  5. Thanks T-Doll for clearing that up! I was just iffy about the khaki colour, but the more i look at it the more I like lol
  6. Opps, your right it was the Claire I was thinking of.
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