Question to Bordeaux owners

  1. I've seen pictures but never IRL so I'm curious... is the Bordeaux like a really dark red, or does it have more of a purple/maroonish tone would you say? In some pictures it looks like a really dark rich red, and then in some it almost looks purpleish and I couldn't tell it's true color. Please let me know! Thanks~~~ :nuts:

    Oh! Also. How do you like the leather? I've only had a city with the old leather and do not know what to expect with this new leather.
  2. To my eye, it's a really rich dark red. I dont think of it as being too purple. I like the crinkly leather--but it's a matter of taste. Even within the more distressed leather, the amount of distress will vary.
  3. I have a bordeaux box coming from Kyliereese (so excited!). This is a newer leather. Does the newer leather get smushier and softer with age, or is that just the "older" leather? BYW, I think the bordeaux looks like a righ bugendy/maroon.
  4. it's looks like a red wine color IMO. i have a city with the newer leather and was contemplating on returning just b/c of that. i really did not like the leather b/c i have a calcaire city and there is a tremendous difference between the two leathers. but, from what i've read on the forums, it seems the newer leather will become less shiny-/waxy-looking and softer with more wear so i decided to give "bord-y" a chance.....

    congrats, Becca! please post pics!
  5. Kyliereese and I bought our bags at the same time and there was a lot of difference in the textures of the two bags. Hers was less distressed than mine. There was a discussion about this a while ago.
  6. To me, it is a really dark red-wine color - a true burgandy. When I first ordered it, I was actually hoping for it to have purple undertones and was really disappointed that it didn't. I've since come to appreciate it for its actual color, but it really doesn't have any purple tone to it at all.
  7. Please remind me; is it better to have more distress or less distress?
  8. Becca I think it's personal preference, but I like less distressing/veins as I think the leather quality is better on these.
  9. Bordeaux is another 'chameleon' color in my opinion, in the dark it is very burgundy - it is a true red wine color. In the light it brightens up and takes on a more red tone.

    As for the leather, the fall '05 bags really didn't have the same leather as the newer '06 - it is kind of in between s/s '05 and s/s '06, it has that coating, but on mine it is still very soft and smushy - and mine is not veiny at all, and pretty much perfectly distressed - it really just has a different texture, it's a lot cooler to the touch - vs. the older leather which is warmer.
  10. I have a City in bordeaux , and I :love: it. Like others have said above, the color is very much that of red wine, it also makes me think of velvet, rich dark red velvet...It's definately one of my all time favourite colors...:biggrin:
  11. the color is a red wine I'd compare it to merlot :biggrin:
    I'm so glad my baby is going to becca4277.. ;) the 05 leather is less distressed and crinkly then 06.
  12. My bordeaux is a very rich dark red like red wine. I love the color of it. However, my leather is pretty thin and a bit crinkly on the sides only. I'm hoping the leather for the F/W 2006 will be better.
  13. Thanks ladies!!! I have gone ahead and purchased my bordeaux city with all your advice ;) I can't wait till she comes!!! Becca we'll have to compare pictures!!!!!!
  14. Well done!! You'll :love: it. Post pics when You get it...;) :biggrin:
  15. Thanks duna!!! I definately will... and can I just tell everyone... I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that I have you!!! :shame: