Question to Bloomsbury owners

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  1. Today I was happy to receive my new Bloomsbury PM,
    I was very surprised about the material of the bag. It is very slouchy if I compare it with my one yar old Speedy B. Does someone know, if there was a change of the material? I like the more stiff material of my Speedy much more, because with the time it gets slouchier too
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  2. Mine is a couple of years old and was soft to begin with and has softened a tad more. It isn't "slouchy" by any means and still holds it shape. IMO, thats exactly what you want a crossbody to be. I love mine and will likely never get rid of it. Congrats, you will enjoy it! The DE strap softens nicely too, it's a great bag..
  3. I got mine at the beginning of the year and yes the canvas is soft a pliable but it allows it to give more when packing it with different types/varying amounts of items. It definitely holds its shape and the de strap has definitely softened. Hope that helps.
  4. It's one of the best cross body bags LV makes, to bad it's being discontinued
  5. The one I purchased was not overly slouchy. Kept it's shaped very well.
  6. Mine is soft canvas but since the material is being asked to fold into pleats, it makes sense to me. I LOVE my Bloomsbury ;)
  7. Many thanks for all your answers
  8. I bought this the other day and returned it same day! It looked good but kept rubbing against my collarbone and HURT! I know partly because the shoulder strap was so hard and stiff but I can't take the chance that softening it will make it better.
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