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  1. I have just finished college and am looking for a job. I thought I would post here and see if there was anyone out there would is looking for a personal assistant?
    I realize that there are many who would like someone to organize their calenders, phone calls, emails and their lives!!!
    Please let me know if anyone would be at all interested!!
  2. Sorry I have an opening but its entry level ... front desk for a radiology group in NJ. Good luck in your search!!!

    BTW tell us what city and state you are in so we can all reply.
  3. tberk, what field are you ultimately interested in? There may be other entry-level positions aside from a personal assistant that will give you good experience and help you move forward.
  4. Good luck with your search...if you need any advice, let me know...I was a recruiter once, and I've seen tons of resumes.
  5. Thanks so much everyone for your replies.
    I am currently living in Boston Mass. I am looking for a job where I can gain experience and develop my skill set. I am open to almost anything and have no problem relocating. I am so looking foward to getting my feet wet!

    Please let me know if you, or someone you know is looking to hire!!!
  6. what's your degree in?
  7. My degree is in Education and Human Developement Studies. My major GPA is 3.5!
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