Question to all Speedy Empreinte owner

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  1. Dear lovely ladies,

    I have recently purchased the speedy empreinte 25 in granat via their online sales. Somehow the whole process was quite upsetting, because the first product LV delivered has small scratches on the feet, so it looked like it stood already somewhere before I have purchased it. Since the bag was quite expensive I have requested a replacement. The second bag arrived has also small scratches on the feet, but what really bug me is actually the fact that on one side of the leather the bag has lines which is quite visible (see picture). DH said that this is normal, because leather is a natural product. Do you think that this is normal?

    I really appreciate your thoughts. Somehow I feel uncomfortable to call customer service a third time.

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  2. Oh my! I would totally call CS and have it exchanged. Sorry I'm not much help but that isn't attractive and for the cost of this bag, it should be pristine. Good luck!
  3. The striations in leather are completely natural, but if you are unhappy with the overall appearance. It is best to exchange it for another bag that will make you happy. GL
  4. That is the beauty of real leather that it is not "plastic leather" is a beautiful the color
  5. Thank you all so much for your immediate response, I really love the colour as well, because it is more violett red. It is good to know that is really the nature of the leather :smile:
  6. Thank you for youre response time4lv, highly appreciate your thoughts. I am starting to think that this bag has its own uniqueness.
  7. Thank you very much. I think it might be probably great to something unique and hopefully nobody has similar bag :smile:
  8. On-line sales??????
    I guess you mean your brought it on-line - when I first read that I thought you brought it "on sale" & we know that LV never go on sale.

    Anyway, LV will fix it up for you :biggrin:

    Personally though I would not worry about scratched feet, after all that will happen when you use it, but I would maybe not like the creasing but again, it is what is going to happen anyway. I would get a purse organiser for the Speedy to help keep its shape and reduce creasing.
  9. LVoe the color! if you decide to keep it and the crease bothers you, you could use a key charm or bandeau to cover it up.....
  10. Scratches on bottom feet is inviteable‎, yes even brand new! I see nothing wrong with the leather, it looks grainy and beautiful!
  11. I may be looking at it wrong, but I really think this is the natural grain of the leather. It does not look like a crease to me at all.
  12. I, personally, would return it. creases are one thing, but this just looks like a bad sheet of leather. That looks like it's the pattern of the skin.
  13. with leather, there will always be variation. personally, it wouldn't bother me, but if you are unhappy- exchange it. def too expensive to not be happy with your purchase.
  14. I actually would return :/ the bag is beautiful and scratched feet wouldn't bother me one bit but I have never seen an emp bag with such marks; they're not even creases if I'm correct? They are actually in the leather. It's beautiful and if it doesn't bother you, keep it, but I personally would exchange and get one without these lines
    Good luck whatever you decide :smile:
  15. You know, I actually thought about this overnight... Sad right? And decided that I wouldn't return. Up above you said that it's unique and different and that's so true. I purchased a pomme cles a while back and uploaded pictures of the wonky bag pocket on here, although its less noticeable in reality. I actually kept it, because I went to the store and saw another one in rose angelique and it was worse quality. So I thought, I'd rather keep my quirky wonky little cles than return and be sent one of poor quality or with other, worse defects. So, if it doesn't bother you, keep it! It's different :smile: