Question to all happy Quilted Bay owners

  1. Hi,
    I am excited because that's my very first thread I am starting (was always hesitant to do that) and I'm not sure whether it belongs here or rather to the Chloé reference forum.:shame:
    Anyway, here is my question: I am on a severe hunt for an authentic Quilted Medium Bay, and I know they are very hard to find on eBay right now. What makes it even more difficult is that I have very little clue about what to look at and how to tell the real ones from the fakes.:sweatdrop:
    Now I have noticed a few things :idea: and I would like you ladies, who own these bags to confirm or correct me:
    I've seen a contrast coloured rimming of the fobs or handles or maybe other parts, too, mostly dark blue, which seem to be missing at most other bags of this type offered on eBay. Would this be a sure tell-sign?
    Also, the oval brass plate seems to be rather shiny instead of the very dull ones often seen on eBay. Another tell-sign?
    Then of course the leather quality, but that's diffucult to judge depending on how the bags are photographed
    I would really appreciate your input and I hope I did nothing wrong with opening this thread (like giving away information to possible fakers):ninja:
  2. Hi Brigitte, I can't help with your specific questions as I don't have a quilted bay (yet!), but if you post these questions in the authenticate this chloe thread someone should be able to answer- or PM Tagullah as she has at leat half a dozen quilted bays- so if anyone should know it would be her :flowers: hope this is your first thread of many.
  3. ^Ok, I'll try that! Thank you![​IMG]
  4. So I posted in the ATC thread, but if anybody happens to know the answer I would very much appreciate it, if they answered it here on this thread, too! Or PM me, if they prefer to. Maybe i am completely wrong, then I should know![​IMG]
    Thank you very much in advance![​IMG]
  5. Hi Brigitte. I own a Moka Quilted Bay (authentic of course!) You will probably be able to search on the piccies I posted a while back. Anyhow, yes mine definitely has a dark blue trim as you described. The plaque is definitely shiny rather than matt or brushed. The leather obviously speaks for itself! Good luck with your search.
  6. Hi SallyC,
    thank you for your reply, I really really appreciate it!:love: However, Lescoy from the Authenticate thread pointed out that as we don't know who is watching the forum, we ought to be careful of trolls (possible fakers, etc.) who might snoop out tricks... so probably it's better not to be overly specific. It was may be my mistake to open this thread.:sad:
    But again, thanks for your input, very valuable indeed!:dftt:
  7. By the way, I've rechecked on some sites and with someone who owns a few quilted bays, the rimming colour thing doesn't seem to be consistent...[​IMG]