Question to all 06 Grey owners.....

  1. Just wondering what type of grey the 06 is closest to. Is it:

    1) True grey
    2) Grey with brown undertones
    3) Grey with blue undertones

  2. My S/S 06' Grey First is a true grey.
  3. is true grey an awkward colour for summer? too wintery?
    what do u guys think

    i was planning to get a grey bbag this month

  4. I do think the 06 Grey has light blue undertones. In sunlight, you can see this. In shadow it is true grey. It's beautiful and so unique to every other bag you see while walking down the street!
  5. You can see the blue undertones in this pic :yes:
    Grey Purse 005.jpg
  6. ^Gorgeous grey purse!!!

    My 06 Grey First doesn't have blue undertones, like at all. Probably because it is a little more on the matte side, so there is no shine to show a blueish undertone. At least one I don't notice. :shrugs:

    Grey is definitely one of my favorite colors and goes with EVERYTHING! I'd love to own a grey City one day.
  7. true grey