Question those who have J12

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  1. For those people who have own a white J12 for more than a year and uses frequently .

    My DH absolutely love the J12 in the white ceramic, but is concern about the white ceramic being easily discoloured.
    Has anyone had any problems with their J12?
    He's also concern it's not a mans' watch, but more a ladies watch.
    Does anyone DH or bf own a J12?
  2. from what i heard, the white will not yellow over time. If your husband thinks white is not 'macho' enough, there's always chrono versions :yes:
  3. He loves the white but hasn't seen any men wear it a part from rappers.
  4. I know many celebs guys wearing a black one, i was hoping to get one for my SO as well. I think J12 for man is pretty HOT.
    but the color, I think that's up to your SO's preference.

    My J12 hold up very well, no sign of use so far, and low maintenance.
  5. My BF has a Black J12 Chrono. I think if your DH's preference is the white, there's nothing wrong with that, I think it looks very fresh and sharp -a stark contrast to the black (which a lot of guys tend to have). As such, I tried to ask BF if he'd ever be interested in getting a White J12 Chrono, and he thought it was a bit girlish. J12's hold up just fine... BF has had NO problems with his, and he's a klutz -granted it's the black, so no clue on staining. (Although I'm sure this doesn't happen because I've seen some older White J12's on friends and acquaintances and they still look very new)

    If your DH likes the white, it shouldn't be a big deal. As long as he likes it, no worries. I think it's just a matter of personal preference. It's just that my BF would not like that for himself... in fact he only likes J12's. I asked him what his next watch would be, and he wants another black J12. LOL
  6. i got my white J12 in July 07, wear it everyday. It holds up really well, no sign of wear so far.
  7. wear and tear is perfect. If your husband wants a white one then thats what he should go for, but he should just be prepared to see alot of women wearing the same watch :smile:
  8. My DH loves the watch but the wristband is too thin for his wrist (it is a 38mm)
  9. ^^^ bisousx, then give him a *hint-hint* him that he needs to go in for the 41mm! Then you guys can match and he can still feel "manly" with his wider watch strap ;)
  10. I've had my white one for a few years now, and there is no discoloration at all, and no scratches. This watch wears quite well.

    As for white for a man, I think it's fine, but like someone else said, he'll see a lot of women with the white one too. Don't know if that will bother him in the long run.
  11. thanks so much for the information, i'll let him decide whether to buy or not to buy, i hope he does, then i can wear it.:P