QUESTION?the framboise in first and city

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  1. I got the framboise in first and always feel the this pink looks different and nicer in city other than first. Am i wrong?
    feel bad
  2. nap. first is quite cute:nuts:
  3. Don't feel bad. First is one of the cutest style. Framboise's such a pretty color. Wear your bag proudly. ;)

    Unless you're really not happy with it, exchange it to City.
  4. I personally prefer pink bags in a smaller size. I say keep the "First" and enjoy!!!
  5. Franboise looks good in any style. If you're unhappy with the first, i would try the city.;)
  6. thanks ladies. i will keep it ha
  7. i think pink bags look nicer in smaller styles. its cuter for me maybe? i have the framboise in the envelope hence its smaller and i love it. i say keep the first? its cute
  8. I love framboise in the first, and was sorely tempted myself. But if it bothers you that much, maybe try a city?
  9. Io love big first is too small to me...I would say city!