Question that puzzles me...

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  1. Ladies (and gents),

    The Boxes that LV give you when you purchase a bag, does it ever come in light weight boxes? All are they all in the heavy duty boxes?

    :smile: It's bothering me for some reason...

    I went with DBF to buy my Trevi today and I asked for a box but was given a lightweight cardboard box unlike the ones I usually get when I purchased my other bags....

    I will reveal my Trevi Val day :yahoo:
  2. #2 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    Most of my bags came in the heavier duty boxes, but two of them came in lighter weight collapsible boxes, with flap tops. Is that what you got? I think the larger items come in these types of boxes. I may be wrong, though. That's just my experience.
  3. sophiae Yup Yup the collapsible boxes with flap tops are what I'm talking about.
    This is the first time I've encountered it so I was like "huh?"
  4. Yeah.. there's 2 types of boxes you can get.. one is the heavy duty cardboard one and the other collapsible plastic-y ones...
    Bigger/fatter bags generally get the collapsible one... I got those with my trevi, brentwood and 2nd NF cos SA didn't fold it down! My sis requested that her speedy wasn't folded either and it was stuffed and put in one of these boxes! HTH! :smile:
  5. yes nowadays i always get my bags in the "light" boxes, whereas, a couple of years ago they would come in the nice thick ones. I think it also has to do with the fact that they are trying to reduce waste and make boxes with less paper. i have requested having a thick box and depending on the SA, she will usually find one that fits my bag..if not she will call me when one does come in.
  6. Lisa Thanks for that! I guess the collapsible boxes are good in that they allow the bags to breathe more
  7. I didn't get a box at all with my Palermo because they ran out of it... :sad:
  8. I got thick boxes for most of my bags (sizes ranging from epi pochette to speedies to the solar). My soufflot and neverfull came with the thinner box - I was told this was because of the shape/size of these bags.
  9. I get the collapsible box for my Trevi and it is really big.
  10. I use to prefer the 2pc heavy box but after getting the lighter foldable box, I actually prefer them now. The heavier ones seemed to get damaged, bent corners, cracked corners just when you looked at them funny whereas the lighter ones are not so fragile. I do like when the LV SA at least places a leather cord or ribbon around the larger, lighter boxes. I know that to many the heavier boxes make a nicer presentation, which I tend to agree; however, for long-term and storage purposes the lighter ones really seem to work out better for me.
  11. ^^I completely agree!
  12. i want my next bag to be in the heavy duty one...looks sooo much better...specially since my nf came in the lightweight open top one....
  13. I have one of the collapsible box with the flap top for my Epi Noe from about 3 years ago... there were no hard boxes that was tall enough to fit her in it :smile:

  14. The bigger purchases (in size, lol) come with the collapsible boxes in my experience, have had two of these. I prefer the heavier boxes for storage, but no biggie.
  15. But heavy duty ones stack better. Oh wells when DBF gives me my pressie on Sunday I'll examine it a bit more hehehe.. Feeling soo silly getting all worked up over a box :blush: