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  1. Hiya...I'm still fairly new around here, so before I go and embaress myself completely I thought I'd double check on this...

    I don't (yet) own any of the designer bags that are subcategorized. I do own some incredible purses and wallets from Independent designers. And I'd love to recommend them, or at least show off mine. :graucho: Should I do this in the General Discussion folder or can there someday be a non-Name Brand sub folder in the purse section?

    My second question is ... do you think anyone would think I was spamming if I posted pictures of new work I've designed? I have been working like a mad woman making new jewelry for an upcoming show and I'm super proud of a couple pieces in particular. They aren't up for sale or anything (yet...they will be if they don't sell at the show though)...I just thought I could share them. But if that's too 'spammy' I won't.

    I love this forum by the way. I'm SO glad someone mentioned them in another forum where I participate.


  2. The Handbags & Purses forum is a good place to talk about independent designers. The brand name subforums are there to keep the big names out of the pot.

    You are more than welcome to share your collection of jewelry in the Jewelry Box. :flowers:
  3. YAY! Thank you so much Vlad! I got sunburned taking photos yesterday but they turned out great. :biggrin: