Question STAM BAG

  1. Hi,

    I´m not really sure. Is that Stam Bag the classic version of the stam ??
    I love the black one. But I´m not sure if this bag is big enough. What do you think???
    Are there different sizes of that bag?

    Thanks for your help!!!

  2. ^ It's sold out so I can't view the bag you are referring to. Do you have another picture?
  3. there are now various forms of the stam.
    *the original stam bag
    *the baby stam or little stam
    *the east west clutch (discontinued)
    *the east west stam
    *the stam hobo
    *the kid
    *the mina
  4. The picture was the Camila. A smaller bag. :yes:
    SIZE 12 X 7.5 X 2 with 7.5 handle drop