Question - single/double drop chain

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  1. I've never owned Chanel before, and was wondering about the single/double drop strap on the Chanel 2.55 - how does it work? I'm assuming you can extend it from a double strap to a single?

    I'm considering purchasing one, but wanted to know if I can indeed change the strap length. I heard Coco Chanel 'invented' that design technique.

    Apologies for the stupid question! I just feel most comfortable turning to the Purse Forum for these things, more than anywhere else.
  2. It's one long chain threaded through two holes: o______o

    So if you decide on the single strap, you'll be using the long chain from the holes while the second strap lies flat against the top of the bag. Like so:

    You'd just pull on both chains equally to use the double strap. My vintage XL jumbo has four holes instead of two, so it's a little harder to switch between the two.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Yes, you can wear the 2.55 reissue and classic flaps with a single chain.

    WOC can be worn as single, double or triple chain.
  4. IMO I think wearing the bags as a double chain saves stress on the bag/chain and so always wear my bags double (I think it's better for security - higher up under the arm if you're waking aound outside too)

    but the fashion at the moment seems to be single.
  5. That's what I liked about Chanel flaps, you can wear it
    either ways unlike other brands that comes with chain as well.

    I agree with papertiger, it feels a lot safer using double chain to
    avoid the stress on the bag.

    Good luck with your choice :biggrin:
  6. I prefer double chain also for one more reason that double chain spreads the weight of the bag into 2 and so less pressure on the shoulder.
  7. I was also wondering about this. Are there certain bags that have just the one chain?

  8. I prefer single chain.
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    Last edited: Oct 26, 2009
    OP, you'll know how to extend the chain when you see the bag. Trust me, I used to worry about this before my first Chanel purchase, but then realized that it was self-evident. :smile: I try not to do it so often because I'm paranoid about hardware abrasion, although I don't think it's a real cause for worry lol.

    I too prefer single chain. I doubt there's more stress with wearing it either single or double chain, since the weight of the bag is distributed along the entire length of the handle(s) either way. Hmm... either way it doesn't feel heavy to me because I don't carry much. Probably makes more of a difference if you're carrying a Jumbo.

    That being said, I tend to wear my flaps double chain at crowded places or at night (to keep it safe)... I dislike it immensely when someone else touches/bumps into my bags!