Question? Should the lock and keys for a new speedy be Silver or Palladium?

  1. I am a little confused~ I just received one of my new bags and the lock is Palladium (dark silver) with 307 keys attached..but the silver on the bag is light silver. AND... the box for the lock/keys says 302 brushed palladium and has a set of 302 keys? but no lock for the 302 keys?

    Do you know which it should be? Did I just get an extra set of keys for another lock? Or do I have the wrong lock?

    Thanks in advance:yes:
  2. i guess its for an epi bag? just go to your store and they should sort it out for you.
  3. doesnt matter what lock you get for it. if you have a lock and key use it.

    what bag is this for ?Maybe they are changing their locks ? seems you might have just got an extra set of keys...
  4. Epi speedy Ivorie~ Just came in from Elux...
  5. I just got off the phone w/ elux and they could not give me a difinite answer on which lock should have come with the bag. Now it is purely curiosity and I just want to know...:rolleyes: